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How To Create Best Website in Small Time Period

Best Website Development Company in Chandigarh
Making programming isn't that simple. There a tons of things to consider. The more you really make, the more you'll learn.
Furthermore, since there are numerous designers out there who share their experience, it's a hard diversion to tail every one of them. As a result of this, we gathered the accompanying web journals and present you a rundown of 12 web advancement online journals worth perusing.

1.    Six Revisions

I wouldn't call Six Revisions an established web improvement blog any longer, instead of a noteworthy news webpage for designers. Six Revisions distributes down to earth and valuable articles for web engineers and planners also. Articles are distributed all the time each 2-5 days.

2.    Specky Boy

The Specky Boy blog calls itself a configuration magazine. Paul Andrew – the distributer of Specky Boy – concentrates on configuration assets, as well as gives helpful experiences on the most recent web advancements. Particularly for front-end designers the online journal is unquestionably an incredible hotspot for staying up and coming.

3.    Web resources depot

Web Resources Depot is an extraordinary web advancement blog offering new posts each day. Designers will locate some incredible substance here. It's certainly an online journal to take after.

4.    Daily JS

Daily JS is an extraordinary web journal with regards to JavaScript systems. It distributes extraordinary news articles, tips and assets on an assortment of JavaScript structures and modules. Additionally their twitter account @daily js merits taking after.

5.    Smashing Magazine

Crushing Magazine is another surely understood news site, which can't be ignore. With new articles each other day it offers you extraordinary assets about HTML, CSS, JavaScript-related subjects.

6.    One extra pixel

I figure OXP is more a web plan blog instead of a web advancement blog. By the by, it gives some truly valuable articles in the field of improvement as well. Whether it's an article about some valuable HTML5 tips or another jQuery library. You'll certainly make them motivate content.

7.    Coding Horror

Coding Horror is a great blog resource from Jeff Atwood. It offers great insights in the developments of software engineering. You’ll get loads of great tips and resources from Jeff sharing his experiences.

8.    Scotch.io

Scotch.io is an aspiring site publishing articles, tutorials, videos about AngularJS, node, JavaScript, Bootstrap and a lot more. It’s definitely a place to go when looking for some new inspiration or development resources.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

4 Most Vital skills for software developer

Software Development
With the inconceivable exhibit of innovation, dialect and stage decisions accessible today, it can be extremely hard to make sense of where to best put time in preparing your abilities as a product engineer.

I'm frequently requested that counsel on how be a superior developer.

Regularly the inquiry somebody asks depends on regardless of whether they ought to put their time in a specific programming dialect or innovation versus another.

I've been giving this a considerable amount of thought of late and I've concocted what I believe are the most critical and ageless aptitudes that a product designer can achieve which will give them the best profession opportunities and make them the best.

First Skill:  Problem Solving

I've discussed the need to figure out how to take care of issues before and I've even given a few stages of how to figure out how to take care of issues, since I trust this ability is basic to any product engineer.
Programming advancement is 100% about taking care of issues.

Without issues there wouldn't be a requirement for programming.

All product is intended to take care of some client issue and inside of that general arrangement is a wide cluster of littler issues that make it up.

It truly doesn't make a difference what programming dialect or innovation you utilize, on the off chance that you can't take care of issues, you won't be great at creating programming.

It is astonishing how terrible most engineers are at taking care of issues.
I continually hear protests about prospective employee meet-ups that are too hard in light of the fact that they request that the engineer take care of some troublesome issue.

I've discussed why hard meetings are great and part of the reason is on the grounds that they test an engineer's capacity to take care of issues.

I realize that numerous designers still can't help contradicting me about this point and don't see why a site like TopCoder would enhance their advancement abilities so much, however I know from individual experience that it was the act of tackling issues on TopCoder that was the defining moment in my vocation.

Consider a craftsman. On the off chance that you need be a fruitful woodworker, you ought to most likely be great at cutting wood. You ought to presumably have worked on doing a wide range of cuts and utilizing a wide range of devices to cut wood.

It doesn't make a difference how long involvement in carpentry you have had or how well you can outline furniture or cabinetry if each time you attempt to cut wood you battle with making the cuts.

Cutting wood is a base expertise of carpentry, much the same as critical thinking is the base ability of programming advancement.

Second skill: Teaching Yourself

There is presumably not any more imperative aptitude in life than figuring out how to learn.
This aptitude is particularly vital in programming advancement, on the grounds that no field I know of changes more quickly than programming improvement.

You can't know everything about everything. You can't even truly contribute the time it takes to be an expert of one specific system or innovation—things are moving far too quick!

Rather you require the capacity to rapidly gain the information you requirement for the current workload.
In the event that you genuinely need to have an expertise that will drive you through your product advancement profession, figure out how to show yourself.

The best way to build up this expertise is to place it into utilization. Go out and take in another programming dialect or innovation, regardless of the possibility that you think you'll never utilize it. You'll be astounded how rapidly you might have the capacity to lift it up as a result of the establishment you will as of now have in what you know.

On the off chance that you can rapidly adjust to the quickly changing programming advancement business sector and advances and stages connected with it, you will have aptitudes that will dependably be sought after.

In spite of the fact that I am somewhat incredulous of some of Tim Ferris' cases, he has an amazing book called the 4-Hour Chef which has some extraordinary procedures about how to learn things quickly. (I was needing to compose a book about this exceptionally subject.)

Third skill: Naming

At the point when individuals ask me what I do throughout the day, I generally say "read things other individuals name and name things."

Alright, nobody truly asks me that and I wouldn't generally answer it that way, yet I positively could.
Programming improvement is about depicting the magical. The vast majority of what we are building can't be seen.

We need to develop in our psyches a whole world with approval directors taking approval demands and releasing approval reaction close by client storehouses utilizing client manufacturing plants to collect new clients.

Each time you are composing code you are naming things. When you read code that you or another person has thought of, you are increasing the greater part of your comprehension about that code from the names of things in that code.

More often than not I can precisely anticipate an engineer's ability level by taking a gander at how they have named techniques, variables and classes in code they have composed.

A designer who does not have the capacity to give great names to ideas and information in their code is similar to a quiet interpreter. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you can comprehend something, in the event that you can't enough clarify it, the minute it leaves your head it is no more.

The most ideal approach to enhance this expertise is to dependably placed it into practice. I'll frequently rename things in code I am simply perusing to get a comprehension. As I begin what a technique is doing, I'll change the name to match that understanding. I'll do this while I am perusing the code, not notwithstanding rolling out any rationale improvements to it.

The more you concentrate on giving great names to things, the better at it you will get to be.
This is additionally the most noticeable thing about your code. It is difficult to know whether your code is right or proficient by taking a gander at it, yet in the event that I read it and can comprehend it, I am going to accept you realize what you are doing.

Fourth skill: Dealing with people

I list this as last, however as a rule you could say it is the first or most imperative ability.
All over you go there are individuals.

Unless you work alone and create programming only for yourself, other individuals are going to impact your profession as a product engineer.

I've discussed why you might not have any desire to censure another person some time recently, but rather there is considerably more to managing individuals than not irritating them.

I generally do a reversal to the well known book by Dale Carnegie, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," since this book is so critical in figuring out how to be a fruitful individual.
I've said it some time recently, however in the event that you need to create relationship building abilities, read this book!

The fundamental issue is that people are not coherent animals, we are passionate ones. Of course, we get a kick out of the chance to pride ourselves on our capacity to reason, yet actually most choices we make are more affected by feeling than reason.

What this implies for you as a product designer is that unless you can successfully manage different engineers, directors, and even clients, you will continually confront inconvenience regardless of how great your thoughts are or how important your aptitudes are.

Being dynamic and included in the product advancement group when all is said in done can likewise help you massively in your profession. It is about systems administration, as well as getting your name out there and fabricating great Karma.

Doing this effectively pivots specifically on your capacity to manage individuals. (Need to take a major alternate route in figuring out how to manage individuals? It's basic. Be pleasant!)

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6 simple steps that tell How to design website in Proper Way

Web designing

The outline of a site is much more essential for its prosperity, than a considerable lot of us think. You can convey even the best web publicizing strategies, in any case, if your site does not looks shocking and is not equipped for offering connecting with client experience, you won't have the capacity to make the online progress that you have been yearning for. Along these lines, to guarantee that your internet promoting endeavors bring quantifiable results, it's noteworthy to plan and create charming sites.

Visual Hierarchy

Outwardly shocking outlines are, without a doubt, a standout amongst the most basic segments of a site however, in the meantime, you have to enjoy the visual chain of importance to make a drawing in configuration. Certain components of the site are more vital than others, and along these lines they ought to have the capacity to effortlessly get the consideration of the guest. Case in point, the "Add to Cart" catch when highlighted with a foundation shading turns out to be more noticeable and instantly gets one's consideration, helping clients to effortlessly add the things to their truck. Had it not been highlighted and the clients needed to hunt down it, there would be higher chances that few clients would have dropped the thought to purchase the things.

Eliminate the Choices

So as to draw in the clients, it's vital to restrict the quantity of decisions that you present to them. The higher the quantity of decisions you provide for individuals, the simpler it gets to be to pick nothing. Along these lines, it is crucial to dispense with the diverting choices and abbreviate the site menus. Additionally, on the off chance that you offer a variety of items, offer your guests better channels to make it less demanding for them to search their most loved classifications.

Clean Designing

It's essential to make your web outline seem clear and stay away from any disarray or over-burdening of the substance. White space or the negative space is the unfilled space between the drains, edges, sections or visuals. A page packed totally with representation or content and with no white space represents the danger of seeming messed or occupied, while the adept white space makes it look clean, perfect and locks in. In this way, dependably concentrate on abandoning some white space on the page.

Animation and visual appeal

Outwardly staggering outlines are dependably among the most refreshing and went to ones. Individuals dependably want to visit the site where the required data is displayed in a fascinating and eye-satisfying way, and the utilization of illustrations with well-suited hues fill this need superbly. On the other side, excessively complex movements, and utilization of too brilliant or too light hues might demolish your endeavors to connect with your guests.

User Control

The web clients look to control their programs and the sites. They don't need another window to popup each time they open a menu thing on the website page. Hence, guarantee that your site gives utilize the control on how they can see the substance.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is another huge part of a site which helps website admins to draw in their clients. Thusly, dependably guarantee that your site navigation is basic; its approach to locate the distinctive pages and the general searching background is easy to understand.
Utilizing these web outlining standards and best practices, you will positively have the capacity to charm your site guests and transform them into significant leads.

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How to Install Linux on Android Phone – Step-By-Step Guide for Installation

Linux on Android Phone

Smart Android Phones, with its different upgraded variants immersing the innovation, are thinking of striking enhancements regarding execution, security, and so forth. Yet individuals investigate and explore different avenues regarding other working frameworks on their cell phones.

It's been since a long time ago Linux significant others have been sitting tight for the dispatch of Ubuntu cell phones. Establishing your gadget is not by any means the only choice to introduce Linux on Android telephone. Taking after are the strides you have to take up for the establishment reason. When you get it introduced, you will encounter a Linux desktop environment on your Android cell phones.

1.    Install GNU Root App

Play Store is our most loved spot for Android gadgets! This is Google's App Market gateway for several of utilization, among which one is the GNU Root. The GNU Root application introduces a fake root record arrangement of Linux on your Android gadgets, which is a distinct option for establishing your mobile with Linux OS. In this manner, look for GNU Root on the Google Play Store and tap introduce.

2.    Choose Linux Distro

We all realize that Linux thinks of different distros, for example, Fedora, Debian (Wheezy) and Aboriginal. GNU Root offers them in a drop down rundown. After establishment, you simply need to choose the Linux distro you wish to work on. Note that, Linux distro can be sent with the assistance of picking the Root fs (Root record framework).

3.    Launch Root File System

When you are finished with selecting the Root fs (file system), you have to dispatch the fake root. Simply tick the check box and tap on Launch Root fs. Below it, you likewise have the alternative to take out root fs by selecting one you don't wish to keep working on.

4.    Install Required Packages

Linux is surely understood and acknowledged for its Package Management System. In this way, start introducing the required programming and instruments through bundle chief. In this manner, you are currently prepared to work with Linux on your Android telephone; completely without establishing your gadget!

There's another comparative technique: Instead of introducing the general GNU Root application, you can run with particular GNU Root distro application, for example, GNU Root Debian, GNU Root Fedora etc, on the off chance that you need to chip away at an individual Linux distro.

Think of you as wish to introduce Debian on your telephone. Principally, introduce the GNU Root Debian App from the Play Store. Guarantee that you have enough space for its stockpiling. At that point, introduce the Debian patch by tapping on Patch Installation as appeared previously. Next, you simply need to dispatch into GNU Root Debian. That is it; here you go!

Monday, 22 February 2016

What is Android Technology? Top 6 Facts that everyone should know

Android Technology

Android is a computing platform designed to be used in some sensible phones and different devices. This technology, that is in hand by Google, Inc., includes Associate in Operating system, software, and applications. The software is predicated on Linux, that provides advanced pc process. Humanoid technology is maintained and frequently developed by the Android Open supply Project (AOSP).

Android Applications

Although Android technology is more and more being employed on a spread of devices, the foremost common hardware to use this platform is mobile phones. An outsized community of developers often write applications (apps), as well as games, social networking, and business modules, for Android good phones. There area unit a large vary of free Android apps, as well as games and productivity titles, and paid apps area unit even a lot of common. Android merchandise — that area unit employed by thousands of developers as a result of they're freely offered for transfer — has given computer code developers the chance to sell their creations to a large cluster of customers.

History of Android

Google purchased Android Inc., a 22-month-old Palo Alto, California, startup in July 2005. Android Inc. was co-founded by Andy Rubin, maker of mobile device Danger Inc.™ The purchase was key in Google's move into the wireless technology market. In 2008, Google introduced the HTC Dream™ as the first marketed phone to use Android™ technology. Since that time, this platform use has expanded to other smart phones, tablet computers, E-readers, netbooks, and other devices.

Android Programming

Android technology is predicated on Java language software system applications. This technology needs the employment of a special software system development kit (SDK) to make applications for associate degree Android device. The SDK is freely accessible for transfer from the net. For this reason, and since it'll work on multiple operative systems, several software system developers like Android product over those employed in different good phones.

Smart phones have evolved into devices that use bit screens for navigation. Android technology provides specific application programming interface (API) modules to developers that benefit of this. The bit screen allows the user to pick out and scroll through info with the stroke of a finger.

How Android is different from other technology

One of the key variations between Android technology and alternative good phone systems is that it's open for modification. This provides vendors the chance to vary and enhance their product supported their own preferences. This has created several versions of Android phones, which might vary by seller, additionally as a variety of alternative devices that use this platform. In 2011, Google introduced a brand new arena for Android once it declared plans to launch Android Home, a network that would enable users to alter and management home appliances.

6 Facts That Everyone Should Know

1.    Android is one of the mobile operating system

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google. Essentially, Google produces the software that runs almost every other mobile phone besides Apple’s iPhone. There are also some popular Android tablets as well. Android is a Linux-based software system, and similar to Linux, is free and open source software. This means that other companies can use the Android operating system developed by Google and use it in their mobile devices

2.    Android is Mobile Powerhouse

The future of this operating system is limitless. Google has the futuristic ambition and the funds to take Android to unprecedented heights. In many areas — such as predicting what users will do next (for instance, Google Now knows that in the morning you’re getting ready for work and will tell you about the traffic) — they’ve already surpassed Apple.

3.    Google Acquired Android Inc., A Small Start-up, in 2005

The original creators were Android Inc. — led by Andy Rubin, who became the head of Android development at Google after the acquisition in 2005. Google bought the company because they thought Android Inc. had a interesting and important concept — of creating a powerful, yet free, mobile operating system — and its considerable mobile arsenal. Android helped Google to reach a younger audience as well as give the company a number of brilliant employees from Android Inc.

In March 2013, Andy Rubin decided to leave the company he founded, Android, to move on to other projects. However, Android hasn’t missec a step, and replaced him with Sundar Pichai. Pichai used to be the head of Chrome OS — Google’s desktop operating system (for laptops and desktops) — so his experiences leading development teams should be beneficial to Google.

4.    Early Android Devices weren’t Successful

T-Mobile was the fortunate firm to release the first Android phone. In October 2008, the T-mobile G1 was announced. It gained mixed reviews upon its release, and most critics agreed that the design of the device was the biggest flaw. However, the processing power of the Android operating system was well received, which was the first indicator this would be a viable competitor.

5.    Android Has a Thriving App Store, the Google Play Store

One of the best parts of being an Android owner? The apps. Like Apple, Android has a selection of apps found in a store, called Google Play. This is the central hub that contains applications with a variety of purposes. Users can find apps to help stay organized, watch movies, read books, etc. Google’s store is edging up on the competition with the possibility it could beat Apple to 1 million apps this year. Download costs are different, ranging from completely free to a few extra dollars, but that extra fee may be worth it. As of May 2013, there had been 48 billion app installs from the Google Play store.

6.    Android Has Issues, Like Fragmentation

The main issue with Android devices is fragmentation. Android fragmentation revolves around phones and carriers not being able to release Android updates on a timely schedule. Why? Because Android has gotten so customizable over time, thanks to companies like Samsung and HTC, that if you own the Samsung Galaxy S4, you may have to wait a few months before Samsung can add all their extraneous features, like S Translator, to the hypothetical Android update. Because of this, two Android users can be using very different versions of the operation system. It also causes a pain for people who have older devices and can’t update to newer versions of Android because their carrier or manufacturer decided not to focus on that device anymore. There is some fragmentation with Apple devices, but it’s mostly surrounding one or two features per update (but Apple usually get the best features to older models). The chart above summarizes fragmentation: The most popular version of Android is 2.3 Gingerbread, which has 36.5 percent of the market share, but was also released in 2010, over three years ago.

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Best Android Development Company in Chandigarh | Best Android Development Frameworks

Android Development Company
There is no one Android Development Company where we can say that this is not best Android Company. According to me all the companies are best, when any company, they are satisfying their clients according to his/her need and give output on proper time to clients, that company is best because all status of company's depends on company’s work performance. Developers have a tricky question to answer once it involves selecting a development framework for his or her android app. The question is that which development framework for android can work best?

Think about turning an iOS app into an android app. However does one do that? The perfect mobile application framework can really facilitate developers take a mobile application from one system and remodel it into a mobile app for one more system. True, deploying an android app is advanced and therefore the mobile application framework is just a part of the image; however the reality is that it makes the whole expertise rather more versatile and straightforward.

One of the explanations, Android is taken into account higher than different operational systems is that it offers developers plenty of flexibility. The applications they’re developing are used on many various devices.

When deciding that android app development framework to use, you would like to assume about: the language the framework permits development in, the type of flexibility it's, its record, etc. a number of the bestest ones listed below.

1.    Corona SDK

CoronaSDK is best framework which is the most suitable option for beginners, or those trying to develop their applications in record time. Development isn't tired any of the quality languages, but in Lua, that is extremely straightforward to adapt to. It’s most ordinarily employed by game developers; however you'll use it for other forms of applications, too. With over five hundred Apps and a native UI support, CoronaSDK is tough to resist.

2.    Jquery Mobile

Jquery is Associate in an HTML5 framework whose biggest plus is that you just will write one version of the code, and it'll be responsive – i.e., it'll run on all devices. One web site or application you produce can run not solely on completely different devices, however additionally on different in operation systems.

You can transfer Jquery either within the latest stable version, or as a custom transfer (where you transfer per what you're getting to build).

3.    Appcelerator

Appcelerator helps you to produce native mobile applications from one Javascript code base. The Appcelerator web site claims to possess 345,577,760 devices running Appcelerator-powered applications. It conjointly provides mobile check automation, that helps as a result of manual testing is extraordinarily time-intensive and still isn’t foolproof.

4.    The App Builder

No list of android development frameworks is complete while not TheAppBuilder, that uses HTML5. It's a code less interface that permits for quicker development. One in every of the largest points in favor of this platform is that it permits you to directly submit your application to Google Play.

5.    Phone Gap

If associate humanoid development framework is sponsored by Adobe and Apache, there needs to be one thing special concerning it. The Phone Gap developer app permits you to instantly see changes as you create them. it's a cross-platform app that supports HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript development.

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Why Developer Loves PHP For Web development

PHP Development
PHP, the venerable server-side scripting language, is famous for its use in Web development. First released in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, it has been leveraged by the likes of WordPress and Facebook and reportedly is used in 82 percent of websites whose server-side programming language is known, according to W3Techs.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

SEO - Step-By-Step Guide for On Page Optimization Factors in 2016 | How I Build the Perfectly Optimized Webpage

On Page Optimization Factors
This is a difficult question for several within the SEO and net promoting fields. There are many "best guide" lists for wherever to position keywords and the way to try and do "on-page improvement and betterment," however as search engines have evolved and as alternative sources of traffic — social networks (Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterset etc ), referring links, email, blogs, etc. — became additional necessary and interconnected, the terribly nature of what is "optimal" is up for discussion.

Exclusive or Unique Valuable

An optimized page does not simply offer distinctive content, however distinctive price. what is the difference?
 Different content merely implies that those words, in this order, do not seem anyplace else on the net.
 Original price refers to the quality and takeaways derived by guests to the page. several pages are often "valuable," however few offer a really distinctive reasonably price — one that cannot be discovered on different pages targeting that keyword phrase.

Purpose of Keywords

As I discussed within the gap of this post, it's going to be the case that completely optimized keyword targeting conflicts with goals around usability, user expertise, or the natural flow of however you write. That's OK, and often, i would recommend leaning in those a lot of user-centric directions. However, once it's potential to optimize keyword usage, you'll have some ammunition. Here's a glance at the foremost necessary components as we've ascertained them through time, testing, correlation, and taking note of the engine's recommendations, too.

7 important factors that reveals how to target your keywords

Title Tag:

Using the first keyword phrase a minimum of once within the page's title, and ideally as near the beginning of the title tag/element as attainable is extremely suggested. Not solely are titles key to however engines weigh connection, they conjointly dramatically impact a searcher's propensity to click.

Heading Tag:

While we have seen mixed results over the years with victimization the H1 tag specifically for keyword placement, it's virtually definitely the case that a searcher who's simply clicked on a results expects to ascertain an identical headline on the page they visit. Failure to try and do thus might increase the percentages of pogo-sticking, and our most up-to-date rank correlations counsel that a locally relevant H1 is related to higher rankings.

Body Tag:

It ought to come back as no surprise that mistreatment your primary (and secondary, if relevant) keyword phrase(s) within the content of the page area unit vital. Our analysis suggests that it isn't around raw keyword use or repetition, though. Search engines area unit nearly definitely mistreatment advanced topic modeling algorithms to assess connation and maybe quality, too.

This means it's informed build your content comprehensive, useful, and relevant as potential, not simply stuffed with instance of a keyword. In fact, we've discovered many cases wherever the overuse of keywords resulted in an exceedingly negative impact on rankings, therefore be considered. If you asked a non-marketing friend to scan the page, would they get the sense that a term or phrase was suspiciously distinguished, typically needlessly so? If that is the case, you are in all probability overdoing it.


A good address encompasses a few key aspects; however one among those is keyword use. Not solely will it facilitate with computer program connectedness directly, however URLs usually get used as anchor text round the net (mostly through repetition and pasting). As an example, if I link to the present post mistreatment its address, e.g. http//ragasoft.co/blog/visual-guide-to-keyword-targeting-onpage-optimization, the phrases "keyword targeting" and "on page optimization" seem right within the text.

Alt Attribute of Image Tag:

Having pictures on a keyword-targeted page is smart for several, several reasons, not least among them is that these will facilitate directly and indirectly with rankings. Most directly, your image has a chance to indicate up in a picture search result. Granted, Google's new interface has dramatically lowered  the traffic from image search, however I still notice nice price in having your whole name/site related to production of helpful graphics, photos, and visual components.

For search engines, the image's title, filename, close text, and angular position attribute all matter from a ranking perspective. Especially, those doing SEO ought to grasp that once a picture is joined, the angular position attribute is treated equally to anchor text in an exceedingly text link.

Internal and External Links

A good page ought to be accessible through no quite four clicks from the other page on a website (three for smaller sites), and it ought to, likewise, offer helpful links to relevant info on any topics that area unit mentioned.

Some SEOs have, within the past, questioned whether or not linking outwardly, particularly to sites/pages which may vie for a visitor's time/attention or a quest engine's rankings is sensible.

Meta Description

A page's meta description is not used directly in programme ranking algorithms (according to representatives from Google and Bing), however that does not mean they don't seem to be important. The meta description tag, if it employs the keyword question, sometimes shows up within the search results, and is a component of what searchers take into account once deciding whether or not to click.

Meta Keywords

Notably absent from this list is that the Meta Keywords tag, that Google doesn't use in rankings, and we, at the side of several others (including Search Engine Land) advocate against using on your pages.